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about us

My passion is taking high level requirements and ideas and breaking them into manageable projects to help businesses grow.
Helen Clark

With over thirty years experience across IFA firms, supplier delivery and consultancy, I’ve worked on a wide range of strategic and business programmes and projects for Financial Planning and Employee Benefit teams over the past 20+ years to improve efficiencies, profits and business growth.

During my career, projects have included proposition design, CRM onboarding, DFM Proposition implementation, intranet page designs, integration mergers, compliance and sales team projects, plus involvement at industry level projects such the original Origo messaging for online valuations. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of different companies in the industry including a top 10 Accountancy firm across Operations, Tax, Accounts Outsourcing and Financial Planning. Projects included a national multi-CCH database merger, offshoring of the HR Shared Services outside of the EEA and the UK GDPR project.

Since setting up Mint Blue Consulting in December 2017, I have managed a range of operational projects such as GDPR, integration merger, contract management system implementation, process automation, office moves and Agile SAFe implementation.  In addition, I’ve jointly run national legislative-based ‘how to’ workshops for GDPR and SM&CR to help Adviser firms and charities structure their projects to meet the required legislative deadlines.

Suppliers are also a key part of operational projects and I frequently work with key suppliers and shared services (HR, Finance and Legal), reviewing contracts, building working relationships and maximising services to support projects and businesses.

In the local community, I chair a Charity Finance Group to approve proposed projects to help manage key spend.